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Fiberglass Hearth Rugs

Goods of the Woods Guardian Collection Rectangle Fiberglass Hearth Rug

Hearths are symbolic of comfort and home, but that doesn't mean they are without danger. Flying embers and sparks can damage carpeting and even present a potential fire hazard. Fiberglass rugs have proven to be the most effective hearth rugs at preventing damage by errant sparks.

What Is Fiberglass?
True to its name, fiberglass is a material made from very fine fibers of glass. These glass fibers are frequently used to reinforce polymers, resulting in composite materials known as fiber-reinforced polymers.

The fire-resistant qualities of fiberglass make it a natural choice for hearth rugs, but fiberglass is also used in a wide range of industrial applications. Fiberglass sleeving is used for heat protection in professions as diverse as automobile racing and industrial mining. Fiberglass is also used to make fireproof blankets and protective cabinets for fire extinguishers.

Benefits of Fiberglass Hearth Rugs
Since fiberglass is trusted to protect important firefighting equipment, you know you can depend on a fiberglass rug to protect your home flooring. Unlike carpeting, hearth rugs have to deal with far more than stains or foot traffic. Fiberglass rugs are so resistant to fire that sparks can land directly on them and they won't even burn.

Most fiberglass hearth rugs are made from 100% fiberglass, which means no flammable materials will be present. That also means your fiberglass rug is going to be highly durable. A fiberglass hearth rug is an investment in fireplace safety that will guard your home flooring for many years to come.

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